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Marijuana is not physically dangerous. More people have died from prescriptions drugs, firearms, alcohol, aspirin, or peanut butter than from marijuana. No one dies directly from smoking marijuana. I think the problem with the debate over marijuana is that propaganda and beliefs play too much of a role as opposed to facts and common sense. My personal irony of this is that I believed the myths and was adamantly opposed to marijuana until halfway through college.

When I was a sophomore in college I had my first major religious experience and converted to Christianity. This actually became the catalyst that changed my mind. Jesus talked about always being truthful, so I set about reading up on subjects, and as I read up on the arguments it became clear to me that the arguments for keeping marijuana illegal weren’t logical or based on facts.

The more I studied, the more clear this became. Aside from that, common experience told me that stoners were generally just hanging out, doing their thing, watching “Alice in Wonderland” over and over and “stimulating our economy” by spending paychecks on food. The drinkers, some of whom would later be lauded as conservative moral leaders, shattered bottles on my door, picked fights in the hall, vomited in the bathroom sinks, and had huge loud fights for everyone to hear.

The stoners were much better company, and their get togethers never ended in fights. They also had a higher combined GPA than the drinking frats.

Since at that point in my life I wanted truth, logic, and fact to dictate the way I thought, I switched from being against legalized marijuana to being very strongly for it. The arguments for legalization are too strong to ignore.

Common “Facts” Against Marijuana Debunked:

“It’s a gateway drug.” There is no chemical dependency from marijuana. First of all, if there is an end all be all gateway drug, it’s alcohol. Second, you are more chemically addicted to Pepsi, Marlboro, or Budweiser than pot. Some people are going to try anything no matter what, and some people have addictive personalities, but Mary Jane is not a gateway drug the way it is portrayed.

“If we legalize it everyone will run out and become an addict.” 25 million people already admit to smoking pot regularly. 15 million more admit to occasionally partaking. Yet students still graduate college, work still gets done, and the economy hasn’t collapsed ((well it is, but due to rich scumbugs running corporations who would rather have everyone scream about a drug they don’t use as opposed to watch our 401-k while they rape the economy before demanding million dollar bonuses & bail outs)). Where are all these new pot smokers going to come from? There are already 40 million smokers in a country of 300 million. That’s not taking into account the 75 million under the age of 18, or the 39 million over the age of 65. Plus since so many people are already against it, they’re not going to admit it. There will be a surge, but that will be more to people admitting to a legal action than actual new smokers.

“Crime will go through the roof.” Stoned people buy colored Christmas tortilla chips, eat Twinkies, and stare at Pepsi cans. The sheer amount of people who would no longer get arrested for possessing marijuana will lead to a sharp drop in crime in and of itself. Add in the people switching from alcohol (so less fighting, spousal abuse, child abuse, assault, sexual assaults, and murder) and all those wasted crime fighting resources towards actual serious crime and the truth is that crime will go DOWN by quite a bit.

There are many more myths, and this page includes several resources, including links to pages showing how these “conclusive studies” showing the harm weed causes are anything but.

I hope this at least gives you something to chew on when considering this debate topic. If you have any thoughts on the legalize marijuana debate, please feel free to comment – just keep the language clean and respectful, please.

Number of people who died from (per year avg):

Rabies: 1-2

Tipping over a vending machine: 2

Red Bull & Vodka: 0-5, depending who you ask

Peanut Butter/Peanut allergies: 7

Snake bite: 12

Struck by lightning: 26

Giving Birth: approximately 600

Aspirin & similar anti-inflammatory drugs: 7,600

Homicide: 23,000

Car accidents: 26,000

Marijuana Trimming in Las Vegas

Firearms: 29,000

Suicide: 30,600

Alcohol & alcohol poisoning: 85,000

Tobacco: 435,000

Medical malpractice: 195,000 a year (in the U.S. alone)

Heart Attack: 460,000 a year (U.S. alone)

Prescription drugs (overdoses, side effects, wrong prescriptions, etc): 783,936 (yes, that number’s right – I double checked several times to be sure)

Marijuana overdoes deaths: ZERO!

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