Marijuana Trimming

Compliance & Confidentiality

Our confidentiality is guaranteed. All of Full Moon Harvest’s employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep your investment private.  Your business stays with your business. All of our employees required be MMED Badged. Schedule a team of MMED Badged employees whenever you need them, pay an hourly rate per gardener you use and forget the other stresses of maintaining a harvesting staff.  We promise to take all steps to ensure that we meet the highest possible standards of compliance with the State of Nevada.


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After you have downloaded the application to your computer, you must fill out the information requested in the document. Please do not print. The document will need to be uploaded in the form to the right when complete.

3. Fill Out The Form

Fill out the form on the right and upload your completed application.

Marijuana Trimmer

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