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Welcome to Full Moon Harvest!

Full Moon Harvest is Southern Nevada’s premier Medical & Recreational Marijuana harvesting company. Utilizing our trimming services you can hire a team of trained, specialized and devoted harvesting professionals and only pay a fee based on the hours worked. Full Moon Harvest only employs staff of certified trimmers who have been properly trained to deliver a quality product. There is no harvest project too big or too small and we are skilled hand trimmers with experience in both wet and dry product. We also work with preparing products for machine processing. Our complete list of services includes gardening, cleaning, preparation, branding and anything else associated with your harvesting needs. Our services will save you hard-earned money by not having to deal with training, unemployment taxes, payroll, workers comp, labor scheduling, turnover, interviewing & more. All Full Moon Harvest projects are handled in strict compliance with all applicable Nevada, County and City regulations as needed.  Full Moon Harvest is your Local Certified Harvesting Solution for your Nevada Medical & Recreational Marijuana harvesting needs.

Our Services

Trimming Services
Skilled Manicurists With Both Wet & Dry Product
All Gardening Services Associated With Your Growth.
Saves You Money!

How it Works..

Utilizing Full Moon Harvest, you can dismiss the stress and burdens of having to hire and train your own staff to perform the tedious tasks involved with Harvesting your Medical & Recreational Marijuana.  At Full Moon Harvest, we provide a well trained and educated staff of workers that are ready to come and harvest for you. Simply contact us to schedule your days for your Harvest, and we will send Certified professionals your way. Pay us for the job, and we take care of all the rest. Contact us today for a free estimate to get your Harvest started.


I was just hired by Full Moon Harvest! WOW! What a fun company to work for! Instead of the rest, we are not pressured and feel like a slave. We are happy to be there and work more efficiently because we are respected. If you want to work in this industry and feel like you are a part of a team, come work for Full Moon Harvest.

Susie Sweet Grass
Cindy Brown

As a patient advocate I have been working hard with legislators for the last 8 years helping them to become aware of patient needs. We have created leaps and bounds over other states because of our persistence. We are proud to support Vallery and her team and look forward to working with her in the future.

Cindy BrownFounder of Patient to Patient